Jan: wash board abs
Feb: wash board abs
March: wash board abs
April: wash board abs

Even in the winter months its wash board abs!

I can only really be talking about one thing – Mr. John Abraham’s calendar launch party! The walls were shrines to black and white photographed dimples and six packs all belonging to the proud host of the evening who gracefully and humbly welcomed his exclusive guests, press and hanger-on’s! The alcohol was flowing, enabling the beer bellies and thunder thighs to preserve whatever little confidence they had left amidst the propaganda that surrounded them. The music was pulsating allowing men and women an outlet for their pent up sexual energy. All in all it was a successful party from the looks of things. Business and pleasure was constantly playing a clever game of give and take, promises were being made, lies were being told and hidden agendas were being kept. I navigated the crowds with my usual party face, which some people mistake as arrogance, but is merely a defense mechanism. Luckily friendly faces met me everywhere, which may have been the result of the uber talented friend/director I had come to the party with. As long as I was getting smiles rather than the ever so abundant judgmental glares - I was a happy partygoer! Even those people who I’d previously met but they failed to remember my face didn’t dampen my spirits this night! Hopefully there are more of these nights to follow…