I got thinking about Chemistry…

I have recently been confronted by an interesting dilemma concerning a certain male specimen. This situation I am facing is one that I am definitely not used to, and thus have not been able to handle well. (This is really a first for me – ask Musa)

[Little edit by Musa: It’s true]

Chemistry has left me confused, curious and compelled.

I have spent the last week in LA in an intensive actor’s workshop, with 21 other actors all from NYC. We have spent the last 7 days together from 10am -10pm, not including nights out and I have to confess I have fallen at the simplest of life’s hurdles. I can’t even remember how I even started talking to this talented Brad Pitt look-a-like, it was definitely within the group setting, but it felt like we were the only two people in the room. At first I just thought it was because he was gorgeous, tall, muscular, hot, sweet, endearing… did I mention he looks like Brad Pitt! But on day 5, I realized it was more than that, it was this strange force, this magnetism, this undeniable connection – for a lack of a better word: Chemistry.

We were all letting off steam from the course and decided to go play pool and foosball (Table Football). My mind was already on overdrive as to how to get him to fall, and foosball was definitely the answer – my ploy.

I have realized that this strange talent for foosball has been a gift from god, my “mojo” you could call it, to make men feel weak under my ‘force’! You may think this is a pathetic “mojo” but I will have you know, that a game where quick wrist action and strong grip are requirements, ‘turn on’ power is on full-blast, especially when a man realizes that your wrist action and grip are better than his, (this normally after he’s lost 3 games in a row)!

Anyway back to the story, so once he (my target) feels manly and full of testosterone on the pool table, I innocently brought him over to the foosball table and the job was done, I immediately lowered his ego and got him to admire me in a totally different light….if you know what I mean!!!

[Another little edit by Musa: I’ve actually watched her beat many grown men at this game, it’s phenomenal]

Half way during our game, he caught me off guard because we got into a deep conversation about spirituality, relationships and acting. I knew we were attracted to each other (this conversation doesn’t come up otherwise) but I suddenly began to realize that we had so much in common, shared similar ideals, and stories that enriched each other and we could not stop talking! Not only had I accomplished my fuseball stunt, but I had gotten us alone together and our physical chemistry had transpired into a spiritual and mental connection.

And then my dreams of being the next ‘Brangelina’ came to a shattering halt when he said, “my girlfriend and I have been fighting because I want to move to LA….blahblahblah” GIRLFRIEND! GIRLFRIEND! GIRLFRIEND!

I’m not allowed to have such chemistry with a man who has a GIRLFRIEND! On the other hand...if it really is like Brad Pitt and Angelina – It’s simple, I just have to get rid of Jennifer! But this little voice inside me kept saying the words “karma bites you in the ass! Be careful, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want done to you!” So, I took a deep breath and started listening, like a friend would, while trying so hard to stop my lips from propelling themselves across the table onto his. The last day of the workshop ended with a party, and I was distraught as all I could think of was my new found Brad Pitt. The party was held at a dive karaoke bar, and in order to appreciate it, tequila, champagne, rum, and vodka was consumed! Don’t even ask! Brad Jr. and I were flirting heavily and boundaries were crossed when we allowed our bodies to dance, not kiss, but dance. The chemistry was just too strong, but I still managed to keep my lips sealed! 4am rolled by and I called myself a cab to head back home. Brad Jr. waited with me and we sat in deadly silence for a few minutes before he said…

“Everyone in the group is pro you and I”.

There it was, the chemistry was no longer deep down but up at the surface and being dealt with. Brad Jr. explained how deeply he felt for me, how beautiful and talented he thought I was and how much of a connection he felt with me. “But” he had made a promise and morally couldn’t break it. Even though it would be so easy (soooo easy!) to act on his impulses as things at home with the girlfriend were going so badly.

He “RESPECTED” me too much to just hook up with me, as I was not the type of girl he just wanted to do that with for a week, only to leave me high and dry (yet realistically wet)! For the first time in a long time, I had a man in front of me who not only was open with his feelings and told me why he liked me and how it was undeniable, but also who was not an asshole, who was going to f**k his girlfriend over.

“I would want you to know that if I was with you I would never break your trust”.

These pure statements were killing me and only making me want him more, but I had to admire his moral standing and realize that I also would want the full package and had to “respect” Jennifer Aniston and not do anything that would create bad relationship karma for me. God knows it’s hard enough out there without having karma biting you in the ass…

[Last little musa edit: just a little update… Apparently our very own Angelina is seeing Brad tonight, so this blog may quite not be finished. And gentlemen before you ask, I’ve already offered my services to go look after Jennifer if needed, so don’t worry!]